Stephanie Kaufman

The Green Loft was created to make Sustainable Living accessible to people all over the world. It is great to say we all must participate in improving our future but sometimes these goals can seem lofty and abstract. It's easier to think someone else will do it. I believe we, as individuals, can each make a difference. We can start by informing ourselves on where the products we use are coming from and what their true impact is on ourselves, our families and our planet. Where do they come from, how are they made and what's in them are questions we all need to ask. But getting the answers does take work and often lots of research to dig out the truth. Awareness is the first step but action is the second. It's why I've created the Green Loft, a one-stop marketplace to give consumers the information they need to access products that are Organic, Chemical-Free, and Sustainable. So we can make informed choices to buy and use products that are healthier and safer for ourselves, our families, our homes, and work environments. And by doing this we'll also be  helping to preserve our planet for future generations. It doesn't get much better than that!


I want to bring ideas, innovation, tips but also products to the average inhabiitant of our planet so they can do their part by giving them the ability to discover and support products that have zero negative impacts on our environment. 

DEMAND DETERMINES SUPPLY. Lets make sustainable, chemical-free products the norm rather than the exception so we can transform our consumerism to reflect our values and dedication to make our earth a healthier cleaner place to live that will be around for centuries to come.





Environmental enthusiast with a practical business mind.

The stakes are getting higher. The last 3 years were the hottest on record. I believe most people do want to help save & preserve our planet for future generations. However, they do not always see the obvious ways in which they can make a difference. I hope to make sustainable living the obvious choice in all aspects of life and match increased awareness with tangible actions.


Areas of Expertise:

Environmental Consultant. Green Building Consultant. LEED Green Associate. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting. 

LEED Green Building & GreenTech Venture Capital Consultant